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Monday, August 27, 2012

Is Games Workshop being very sneaky and dropping the Dark Angels codex next?

So yeah this is totally coming off like I am rumor guy. And just writing this is making me throw up a bit in my mouth. So I have some speculation that the Dark Angels codex is the next to be released. The last couple of time Games Workshop has released a new Edition of Warhhammer 40,000 the Space Marine Codex was the first book to be released. Since Dark Angels are the cover boys is Games Workshop going to continue that trend? Another (slim) reason to believe is the back cover of this months White Dwarf. It has a picture of a Dark Angels company master and the words "The Battle Rages On". Yes this is very ambiguous. But why only a picture of a Dark Angel? In my opinion everything Games Workshop does is very calculated. And finally my word of mouth source. I have a buddy that happened to be hanging out at Warhammer World today and an employee of some importance was over heard talking about Dark Angels being next. Yes this is like a big game of telephone.....but man oh man how exciting would it be to see a new Dark Angels codex?

This leads me to wonder what we can expect from the Dark Angels codex. I think we can expect several new characters. I am hoping to see the return of Asmodai. Based off of the prevuious codex we will have the Chapter Master Azrael, Grand Master of the Librarians Ezekiel, Master of the 1st Company Belial and Master of the Ravenwing Sammael. Will we get a named Battle Comapany Master? The return of Namaan (yes I know he is dead)? More than one chaplain character like the Blood Angels? Only time will tell. I am hoping for a new Power Armor upgrade kit as the old Dark Angel one is lackluster. I would also love to see a Deathwing Terminator kit but I believe that depends on how different they are equipped versus codex terminators. What I am really wondering about are the units that we have no idea about. Stuff that has not been written into the fluff yet. What is going to be the Dark Angels equivalent of Sanguinary Guard, Thunder Wolf Cavalry, Purifiers? What flyer are my beloved Dark Angels going to get? I personally do not believe the Land Speeder Tempest rumors. I don't think that other chapters get cool looking flyers while Dark Angels get a Land Speeder variation. I would be very letdown if Games Workshop does that. Here is to hoping for a surprise release that blows our socks off!


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  1. I'm confident they'll be the next codex. It is hard to tell what that picture meant as DA are the spokes-faction for the whole edition now. Is it referring to DA or is it a photo of them to spearhead something new to the edition? Hard to tell, eh? We've seen new SKU's for the Tactical Marines box so maybe it'll be changing to accomodate DA? And as far as Deathwing are concerned, I think the starter box ones may be the box set of them :(

    Thought I'd also ask you about how you're liking the new edition, too. I've been super busy and haven't had the time to listen to 40k radio for some time now. :( How are your LR Achilles faring since the switch to HP? Still pondering the purchase of one (or TEN!), but I'm wondering if their previous vulnerability to glances has become a huge liability with Hull Points, now.