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Friday, July 29, 2011

If you want got it!!!

Well well well the worm has finally turned......not only am I actually getting skinnier but I also won a game of Warhammer 40,000! Four weeks of getting my ass kicked had turned me into a ball of anger. I knew I had o shake things up to get out of my rut. Knowing that I would be playing a Grey Knight army I figured trying to out close combat them would be fairly tough. With the urging of some friends (Mike and Chris) I figured my best bet would be shooting their faces off.

I dropped Dante and the Sanguinary Guard from my list along with an assault squad. While they had performed admirably in 3 out of my four games I knew they needed to sit this one out. The following were the new editions to my army:

-Reclusiarch in power armor with jump pack
-10 man devastator with 4 lascannon and the SGT equipped with a power fist
-Land Raider Redeemer
-5x Assault terminators with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields

The Reclusiarch was attached to the remaining assault squad to provide a cheap leader and make them fearless. The devastators were there to add much needed long range fire support to deal with large threats like  
dreadknights. The terminators would go inside the Land Raider that would be deep striking  to cause massive amounts of havoc.

The plan worked to perfection. After weather his first turn of shooting and losing a rhino and some marines I unleashed hell. In that first turn I put three wounds on the dreadknight and hustled my tactical squads in good positions to provide covering fire. In turn two my assault squad drew murderous amounts of fire and lost all but the sergeant and the chaplain. This in turn left most of my army unscathed. My Land Raider came in and performed its deep strike right on target. My Storm Raven flew forward and dropped off the Furioso Dreadnought with the blood talons. The Land Raider cooked the majority of a Purgation squad and my Furioso wiped the other squad from the table on one turn. Turn three saw my Furioso and the Dreadknight take each other down. From there it was a matter of whittling down the rest of his army with my firepower.

Needless to say I was pleased with the results. Was it the most fluffy of Blood Angel armies? No. But did it still utilize squads that come from a Battle Company? Absolutely. Deep striking in a Land Raider was freaking awesome. It was some what risky but paid off big time. The Furioso hitching a ride with the Stormraven instead of using the drop pod was also great (thanks Mike!). All in all it was a great game against a fun opponent. Stay tuned for some pics of my marines.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kill Team and crazy girls

So today was a day off from work and I intended to get some hobbying done. Well let's just say I completely failed. I got up and rode my sweet new bike until my legs felt like Jell-O and my ass was killing me (not in that way you pervs!). I had some breakfast chow and showered up. Then I made the biggest mistake of the day...........I downloaded Kill Team on XBOX Live. Whoops what a huge mistake. The game was a blast and before I knew it the whole day had gone by. Yes it is absolutely worth the 800 Microsoft points. It was a blast running around as a sternguard blasting away with my heavy bolter and later on my plasma cannon. For you close combat nuts the vanguard vet will be right up your alley. I found the Techmarine kicked the most ass. As always it is cool to see the 40K universe in full motion. Sure some stuff is not close to how it is on the table top but it was damn fun. If you whisper softly into my ear I might send you my gamer tag so we can get our Kill Team on.............and so I can stalk you.

Which brings us to the next topic........crazy girl. I cannot over state how creepy it was for this girl to blow up my phone all day and then get mad that I wasn't texting her back every two minutes. She said she was bored.....I told her to get a hobby. The post on Facebook was the icing on the cake that I am never gonna talk to this girl again. Now I need to focus on my true love.......GW

Tomorrow I will be doing a blog post on Kyle's blog so go on by and check it out. Until the next time!

Let's Do This!

So everyone else is doing this blog thing so I figured why the hell not? You can now get my completely unfiltered opinion on all things hobby and you can see what I am working on (although I am not quite sure why anyone would care?!)

For those of you who don't know me I have worked for Games Workshop and Battle Foam and was a co-host for 40k Radio. Yeah I know that doesn't really make me important at all. I have been in this hobby for over ten years and have seen the good , the bad and the ugly side of this hobby. I live in Arizona and I am constantly hobbying and playing (when I don't get distracted by video games and all the wonderful stuff on the internet). I love pretty much all things GW.....40K, WHFB and LOTR. I also love the shit out of Flames of War. I spend far too much money on this hobby, but hey I figure if I die with the most Space Marines I win!

I dont like Steam Punk and anything associated with it (Warmachine, Hordes etc) if you are looking for me to sit here and say the sun shines out of Privateer Press's ass you have come to the wrong place brother. I also don't like people that constantly shit on GW or Battle Front or Battle Foam for that matter. Every company has its flaws. At the end of the day if you don't like it don't buy it or play it.

I will try to update this blog as often as possible while also contributing to Kyle's blog as well. And no I wont be a lazy ass and use the same posts. Expect this blog to be raw and unfiltered. I encourage you to comment on my posts as much as possible. I hope you enjoy what you read here and I hope this is GREAT SUCCESS!!!!