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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dark Vengeance(f**k yeah!) and stupid internet rumors.

Greeting fellow hobbyists! Been a while. I am gonna really try to jump back into this.....again! I swear it this time. So this week saw the pre-orders for the new 40K starter set go up. I am freaking impressed. GW made starter set models that are dynamic and highly detailed enough for me to include in my army. And the best part is that it includes my first love (Dark Angels) and the ultimate evil love (Chaos Space Marines). So far I have two of the limited edition boxes on order and look forward to painting the hell out of these models. Also any of you out there that are members of 40k Radio, Brother Grimm is running a contest for the release of Dark Vengeance. Here is how it breaks down:

-You and a buddy split the Dark Vengeance box
-Each of you paint up one of the forces in the box
-Submit pictures of your paint job in the Freebootaz forum

The Freebootaz will vote for their favorites and the winners will each receive a copy of "Horus Heresy: Betrayal" by Forge World. If you are wondering what the hell Horus Heresy: Betrayal is, punch yourself in the dong then check this video out:
So yeah the contest is pretty much the bees knees.

Now onto the next part of the blog post...........stupid internet rumor monger. If you are like me you always want to be in the forefront of what is going to be next. I don't care so much about the power of the coming codex, I want to know what cool new toys I get to build and paint. There are a couple of fellows that are fairly reliable when it comes to model and codex releases. They never post about rumored rules from upcoming books.

In this mans opinion when I see someone posting about rules that they know are coming out I think they are full of crap. GW is a super secretive company. We are barely able to find leaks for upcoming models, so how in the hell would these people get to see what is in the codex? Last I heard most if not all play testing is internal at GW. And you better damn well believe that any external play testers have an airtight NDA with GW. So when I see guys like Faeit spitting out rumors 3 or 4 times a day it makes me laugh. The latest and greatest is how he thinks that because the new Sternguard upgrade kit has a different looking Heavy Bolter that it will get new rules. Come on smarter than that. So GW just put a huge effort into their new rule book with all the rules for weapons and within a few months are now going to make that entry in the back of the rule book obsolete? Riiiiiight. Or his other rumor saying they are going to get a suspensor upgrade to make them "viable". Ok buddy let's take a look at why the Heavy Bolter is already "Viable"

-free upgrade to tactical squad
-very cheap in devastator squads
-very effective against non-power armor armies
-better chance of hitting with snapfire (3 shots)

Making it salvo, or assault 3 18", or giving it an upgrade to shoot D3 times at full ballistic skill when moving is pure wish listing and stupid speculation. I would be downright shocked if in the next few months it gets any of those changes. I guess what this long winded rant is trying to get at is 99% of these people running off at the mouth about new rules are full of crap. I hope most of you are able to do what I can't :IGNORE THEM!

For more of my random thoughts/rage check out the forums on
It is a great place to meet fellow hobbyists that are normal and not complete mouth breathers. Until next time!


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