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Sunday, April 8, 2012


So as I am sure all of you know on Saturday the new line of Citadel Paints was released. Of course I already had my mega paint set pre-ordered through my local GW. Saturday Kyle, Matt and me went down to GW to play some 40K, buy some product and pretty much have a dude's day. I spent way too much money on the new Empire release, beat Kyle in a game of 40K, and enjoyed a delicious burrito from Chipotle. By the time I got home and finished watching the Sharks game I was too smoked to get any painting done.

I woke up this morning and decided to crack open my paint set. Simply stated the new paint line is freaking amazing. The vast amounts of colors in there just get your mind wandering on all the different armies you can paint. For some people out there I can see how the line can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully GW also released their how to paint miniatures book. For those of you that are on the Golden Daemon level the book might not be for you. I liked it because I was able to see all the different colors they have in action. Plus it is nice to have a reference which layer compliment which bases and which shades work well in certain situations.
I decided to get down to business and do up a test model and try to utilize all the different types of paints. I chose to do a Vampire Counts skeleton warrior. Following the paint guides in the book for the different parts of the skeleton made it super quick and easy to paint him up. Base, shade, and a layer or two......too easy. And yes I did use the texture paints and dry paint for his base. I am very happy with how this lad turned out

Stay tuned as I experiment more with these paints. Happy Easter.

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