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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here come the Dark Eldar! Run for your effin lives!

Back for another blog post and I hope this finds you enjoying your Sunday. Over at The Freebootaz Forum we are doing a Non Power Armored challenge. You build and paint your army 500 points at a time and do 1 battle report per month. For a while I have been torn between doing Tyranids or Dark Eldar. After lots of thinking I have decided to go with Dark Eldar.

To me the models that Games Workshop have produced for the Dark Eldar range are simply amazing. Each Dark Eldar model is highly detailed and saturated with pure evil. The Dark Eldar are also lightning fast and can bring some heavy fire power to bear on their enemies. With the release of 6th edition there has been a lot  of crying about Dark Eldar getting "nerfed". I think that is a bunch of shit. This army is as lethal as ever.

Here is my small 500 point force of Dark Eldar. It includes the following

- Archon with: Ghost Plate Armor, Shadow Field, Husk Blade, Blast Pistol, and Soul Trap
- 10 Warriors including Sybarite with: Splinter Pistol, Agoniser, Shredder, and Splinter Cannon
- 10 Wyches including Hekatrix with: Phantasm Grenade Launcher, Power Weapon, Hydra Gauntlets
- 1 Raider

I think it is a pretty solid army at 500 points. I look forward to taking them for a spin against Kyle's Vostroyans. Hopefully I can annihilate his army. Stay tuned for painting progress and battle reports with my Dark Eldar.


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