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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Chaos Space Marines....color me unimpressed.

Well the White Dwarf pics have leaked and the internet is buzzing with the news of Chaos Space Marine. The first few pictures I saw yesterday we ok and then the flood gates opened this morning. I do really like a lot of what I am seeing. But then I am left wanting more.

I love these new models/kits
-Aspiring Champion
-Raptors/Warp Talons
-Warp Smith

The Daemon engines and flyer are not what I expected and I will hold off final judgement until I see them in person. I think they will just take some getting used to.

What leaves me disappointed is what did not get fixed. No new Chaos Space Marine box. Huge mistake in my opinion. The new chosen and Raptor models look so great that it makes that old box of Chaos Space Marines look even worse. No new Havocs. Wow thanks for making these garbage models Finecast. No new Thousand Sons, Plague Marines, Khorne Berzerkers, Noise Marines. Once again a huge WTF? Now did I expect all of these to come out in one huge release? Of course not. But at least do some of them up front. Chaos Space Marine got the Warhammer Fantasy new big toys and nifty looking elite unit, but the core of the army is old and looks like shit.

I had such high hopes for this release and anticipated starting a new Chaos Marine army. Now I will just be looking to sell what remnants I had on eBay.

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