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Monday, August 1, 2011

New dice from my man crush, new ideas for the next campaign and other random crap

Well here we are and it is Monday.....back to the grind. Had a pretty nice weekend. We all gathered at Kyle's for the usual Saturday hang out. It was a little too hot out to play but just right to drink a few beers and relax with friends. Bill and I had some good conversation on changes we can make to our campaign. We decided that there needs to be two teams and not every-man for himself. We are also looking to incorporate rules from IA 9 into it as well.

I would like to give a special thanks to Brother Grimm. I first had contact with him when I became host of 40K Radio. He was great to talk to and we both have similar views on the hobby. He was always sending cool stickers and buttons to us. I finally got to meet him and hang out with him at Adepticon  and he was just awesome to hang out with (along with all the other Bootaz I met). This last week he went out of his way to send me custom dice for my Blood Angels and Salamanders. The dice are just awesome. And so far have rolled really well! If you read this Grimm thanks a bunch my man.

As for the rest of the weekend. I finally finished the combat squad I was working time to finish the other five. I also beat Kill Team. Yeah I am pretty proud of myself. In the next round of our campaign I will be playing Chase and his Chaos Space Marines. Not sure what I am gonna take against him.........maybe we will see Death Company. I think they would make a good match up for his Khorne Berzerkers. I also watched the movie Ironclad this weekend and no it is not about a Dreadnought. For a movie that never made it to the theater I thought it was pretty slick. If you like knights and swords and castles etc give it a watch. Well time to hop in the shower and get ready for work. If any of you have ideas or resources for campaigns please leave a comment. If there are certain things you would like me to post about leave comments I would like this blog to be interactive with the readers......thanks in advance!

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